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Britain doesn’t seem to have registered the fact that it is supposed to be summer here. While we lay on the beach in the sun last week it poured here practically non-stop. Interestingly, as we drove home from the airport at 4am yesterday (don’t get me started on how competent Neil is at booking flights) it was already getting light - it’s a loooong time since I stayed up until daylight ;-)

The good news is, it is also raining in Victoria and the farm has had about 7 inches over the last week or so. I expected pictures of the rain but mum’s more excited about the new sheep.


Aren’t they cute :-D they will all be single mothers come spring, I pity them.

- - - - -

Thank you all for the advice about Spanish yarn. I didn’t see any I’m afraid, in fact I didn’t see anything Spanish. The resort at Palma Nova in Mallorca is about as English as you can get in a sunny place. The food was English, the people were English, the beer was English. I don’t recommend the hotel we stayed in - it was full of drunken (English) yobs who liked to yell down the corridor and bang on each other’s doors at 4am. To get any sleep at all it was necessary to go to bed early and snooze before they came up. Sigh, yes, I know. I’m an old lady.

But oh the SUN!


I’m really not a beach person but I could have stayed all week. Neil wants a boat to cruise the Mediterranean in :-D anyone know how rich we have to be for that?

- - - - -

Spain having created a bit of a backlog in the ‘things to do’ I have decided to give everyone another week on SSAL #2. Entries are now due on the 2nd, #3 should be up this Sunday.


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