Grab a hank of top. Admire the colours a bit. Split, pre-draft a bit. Feed it onto the bobbin at the grist it wants to be, not arguing with it to make it something it’s not. Pause a while to eat chocolate and admire the colours again.


Then find an empty bobbin, chain, chain, chain… Admire the colours. Skein off, dunk in water, whack a bit.




Did I mention that I love this colourway? It’s the November club fibre from Spunky Eclectic and it’s called “Pie For Everyone.” It’s Falkland fibre and pretty soft, although not super-soft, and drafts like a dream. Get some!

7 Responses to “Instant Gratification”
  1. Justine says:

    It’s beautiful. My aversion to taking up something else that will impinge upon my knitting time is fast dissipating… Lordy. Must take a spinning class…

    What are your plans for it?

  2. Kai says:


    It’s gorgeous! I think I’m in love….

  3. Diane says:

    Plans? Does sitting here stroking it count as a plan? :-P

    Actually, I have another 2oz to spin and then I’m thinking maybe a stripy scarf.

  4. Ali says:

    Waaaah! Jealous! So pretty…..

  5. Lin says:

    Your yarn is gorgeous. Just caught up with your blog, so glad you had a good time at home. The pictures of Lorne have given me reverse homesickness! We have been back from Oz for nearly 3 years now and that is the first time I have felt like that!

  6. Chantelle says:

    You know, I wouldn’t have thought those colours worked but the combination is very, very yummy - shows how much I know about colour mixes, huh ;).

  7. Gill says:

    I’ve recently joined the Spunky Eclectic fibre club, and am spinning up the December yarn “Party Dress”. Her fibre is really beautiful, and certainly a dream to spin! I’m looking forward to more of your spinning!

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