I am now only about three weeks behind on my blogging :-P (still to come, the rest of Christmas, Hong Kong, and the last two weeks of wintery London).

I’m up to Christmas. In the sunny Melbourne sunshine we celebrated Christmas in good aussie fashion with several barbecues. Did I mention it was sunny 8-) Sunny, but not hot, of course. In a fine and long-lived tradition, I buy a dress every year to wear on Christmas Day (I don’t wear dresses much otherwise, the occasional wedding maybe). Every year, Christmas Day is just too damn cold for dress-wearing. Some day I’ll learn. This year’s new dress is a brown and white floral print from Esprit, bought in Geelong in the rain (see an earlier post) and is hanging pristinely in my wardrobe here in London waiting for a sunny day. Hah! (Three days after Christmas, of course, it was 35 degrees in Melbourne.)

Here we are at my brother’s new house (which has a pool, and sadly - not hot enough to swim)…

Christmas '07

Later we got to open lots of presents (woo!), my SIL Kat did the honours…


And we took turns exercising off Christmas lunch…

Neil and Shan

We did it all over again the next day (Christmas Eve) with my Dad and Carole and more family, then again the next day (Christmas Day) with Neil’s folks. By boxing day it was all we could do to munch down our leftover-ham-sandwiches and lie back being entertained by Australia’s most famous eleven…


Next post: What I Got for Christmas :-D

4 Responses to “Almost up to date”
  1. probablyjane says:

    I was enjoying that post until the last picture (too many painful memories…)

  2. Diane says:

    Are you referring to memories of Australia seriously whipping England’s butt every time they play? Or did you break your ankle at the MCG once?…

  3. Kai says:

    Was is sunny by any chance?? :)

  4. Mum says:

    Print off this blog and keep it to console you next Christmas sans famile and sans sun!

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