One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to eat more vegetables. Better ones too, which really ends up being part of the more - because if you buy good quality then you’re much more likely to eat it rather than throw it out. Also, you’re much more likely to eat it and not throw it out if you paid premium prices.

Last year we were chuffed when the first London Wholefoods store opened up right across the park from us. Sadly, it’s a really BIG park and although WF was walking distance it wasn’t really masses-of-vegetables carrying distance. So we tended to wander down there for the cafes and to buy tomatoes. For a long time I’ve been tossing up the idea of getting a box delivered and finally, after a bit of research and advice (there are a MILLION organic delivery companies in London) I settled on Abel and Cole and this arrived last week:

Veg box

Let me tell you, there is nothing like having all those heavy vegetables delivered right to your doorstep to make it easier to eat more. I really like the fact that not only is the produce local (don’t get me started on Tesco’s snow peas from Peru - not that I have anything against Peru, I just don’t think my snow peas need to travel 35 million miles to my house), it is also seasonal, and you can be satisfied that you’re eating stuff that hasn’t sat in storage for ten months. So I can’t get snow peas? Well, swede soup is a bit more hearty for this weather anyway.

On Thursday I was inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl’s post and so yesterday I got up early to collect my box (in my pyjamas, and got sprung by a man walking his dog - I think I saw him snigger) and see if there were suitable vegetables. There were - so into the crock pot went parsnip, carrots, sweet potato and potato, on top I put four chicken thighs, on top of that went some sprigs of thyme from Jan’s garden and I poured over a cup of vegetable stock. Press the button, go to work.

When I got home it smelt great! I thickened it with a little cornflour and tried to convince Neil that he really did want to eat some even though it had orange bits in. He didn’t - thus all the more for me. I have promised him that next time I will make it with just potato, or at least with all the orange bits down one end of the pot.

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  1. Franney says:

    YUM! Indeed, i love my vegbox and eat many more vegetables because of it :o)
    I tried A&C but thought their box was rubbish so went for Riverford instead and it’s sooooo much better, you definitely get more for your money with them, in my opinion. I expect everyone has a different opinion though and if it works for you then all the better ;o)
    Braised beef with chunky onions and some of those orange bits ;o) is just lovely done in the slow cooker too :o)

  2. mrspao says:

    Those crockpots are super for good hearty meals.

  3. Kai says:

    Soup!! I’ll have to make some now…

  4. Fi says:

    I used to get a Riverford box but then when I moved it turned out they didn’t deliver to the area, however I have seen thier vans about recently so I’m going to investigate.

    I found I ate more veg when I had a box coming each week, and also it made me try the more unusual stuff they put in, which I would prob never have bought myself!

  5. Joanne says:

    The deliveries definitely make me eat more veggies! On the “orange problem”, my partner has issues with that one, too. I puree any of the orange bits. The soup is then velvet and thicker, and…tastes sweet. If the guy can’t identify the orange bits, it seems to work better. :)

  6. Carrie K says:

    Oh, YUM.

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