In her last couple of podcasts Alex, from Lixie Knits It, has been playing with the idea of a yarn calculator. The idea is, you count up all your yarn, key it in and press a button … the calculator (she had a cool name for it but I can’t remember it) tells you how long it will take you to knit up your stash! Would it work for fibre? I hate to think how many hours my stash is up to.

I did a little bit rather a lot of stash enhancement in the fibre department on the weekend such that I am having to get creative about storage solutions (behind the bathboard?) and how to find more spinning hours (5pm caffeine injection). If you have any bright ideas they are very welcome.

Here is yesterday’s spinning (Corriedale from Spunky Eclectic):


And today’s (BFL from Fyberspates):


Sadly, weekdays are for knitting and I have deadlines there too, so it will be back to the purple cables.

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  1. HollyEQQ says:

    Gosh that yarn from Spunky Eclectic is just stunning!
    I also think the felted lambs a few entries ago are just about the cutest thing EVER! That fibre festival sounded like mad fun. I am so jealous. My area of the world doesn’t have any fiber festivals for several hundred miles and I don’t have a car that will make it that far, reliably, so I am doomed to internet shopping (*teehheee, how is that for justification!). Shoot, I don’t even have a LYS that sells fibers so I have to dye my own!
    I look forward to reading more and seeing your fun yarns.
    Oh and the stash enhancement calculator… here is my word of advice…. it is like looking in the mirror when you are bloated… nothing absolutely nothing good will come of that nonsense! Just find a nice Chinese screen and hide a few boxes behind it instead. Costs much less than therapy. :)

  2. Fi says:


    Stash storage solutions…you could stuff a paliasse with it (instead of the traditional hard straw) and have a comfy mattress.

    More time: you need that thing Hermione has in Harry Potter, enabling you to be doing two things at once in two different places ;o)



    P.S. I used to live down the road from Ufton Court, it’s a splendid old house :o)

  3. Diane says:

    *Adds ‘time turner’ to birthday list*

    Thanks Fi!

  4. Amanda Cathleen says:

    ooohhh!! ahhhh!!! Lovely, lovely! :-)

    ps. once ya find a time turner, let me know where I can find one for me!

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