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My photographer is busy moving house ;-)

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You may have been wondering - and yes, I’m afraid the next Spin-a-Long will be a little delayed.

This is due partly to a whole lot of other work stuff which I won’t bore you with, partly having several busy weekends in a row, and partly to make way for this weekend’s Steek-a-Long :)

As I’m keeping you waiting I’ll leave the entry date for Colour Ways open until Sept 3rd.

The next Spin-a-Long will be dealing with spinning Mohair, with tips on other fluffy/hairy fibres. If you can get hold of some kid mohair curls that would be best - but processed top is also fine. I will be sharing a little bit of the lovely hand-dyed curls that mum sent me :-D if you are interested then drop me a line and I’ll send you a paypal link.

For the following Spin-a-Long you will need white, un-dyed silk top and some more mohair, white or coloured, for a truly cool yarny experience. I promise you’ll want to be in on this one!

Happy Spinning!

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