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Yesterday I was refused a mobile phone contract. I can kind of sympathise with the company - I have only been here a short time and there’s no guarantee I’m staying. I also ticked the “self-employed professional (writer)” box. To tell you the truth, I probably wouldn’t trust me with an 18 month contract. It is a fact that I don’t earn enough from writing to pay telephone bills and I may not be here in 18 months.

It occurred to me though - If, say, the Yarn Harlot decided to up and move to the UK and when shopping for a phone, ticked the “self-employed professional (writer)” box, would she be declined? It seems unfair somehow.

There was very little scope on the form to explain that I actually have two jobs and I chose the one that sounded cooler than ’shop assistant’ and I have a husband who’s likely to bail me out of debt if necessary as well. Oh well. I bought the phone outright in the end and stuck my pre-pay sim inside and all is well.

All was even better when I arrived at work to find a squidgy parcel waiting for me :-D Cocoa Dream sock yarn from Cairi’s shop (mmmmmm) I have an inch of capuccino-coloured ribbing, and after six hours in the car to Wales and back, hopefully a little more!



In other news, as you may have guessed I am off to Wales this weekend for Wonderwool. It’s very exciting - I’m looking forward to looking at sheep, seeing a country I’ve only visited once for an hour and perhaps buying some fibre :-D

I have remembered to pack my camera and will tell you all about it on Monday!

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