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And a fun time was had by all! I hung out for most of the day on the Socktopus stall with Alice, mostly cause I like wrapping pretty pink parcels! it was good to have a place to sit down occasionally though as the winter asthma has struck and I was only managing about 15min at a time for forays out into the knitterly mayhem. Then I would come back and collapse behind the sock yarn for a while.

I lost count of all the people I bumped into, I finally met Auntie Noo in the flesh for the first time which was great. She was the one who pointed out to me that there was a job going last year at Stash, a life-changing event for me as I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, and I would have had to supply-teach and would have quit London altogether after six months I expect.

I also saw Ruth, Lixie, Emmms, Yvonne, Sue, Badger, Supermonkey, Ali, Chantelle, Ingrid, Jill, Mary, Adrienne, Jeni, Grit, Michaela, … I can’t remember the rest. I met Yoshimi too - she’s a lurvely addition to the knitter-friend crowd!

I didn’t lose count, however, of all the skeins of yarn that I bought :-D even in my ventolin-befuddled state I can still count to one!

The Knittery

This is Merino/Cashmere sock yarn from The Knittery which I fell in love with on Alice’s stall. I fell in love with some other stuff too but someone else bought it :-( (I now have a back order- hehe). When I got it home I realised it’s a nice complement colour to the Knittery yarn Kai gave me for my birthday. So I’ve decided to combine the two in a larger project. Cashmere is too good for your feets anyway.

Congratulations to Gerard and Craig for organising such a fabulous event!

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In Inside Loop news, the badges arrived today!


Kate was coming over anyway and she brought them with her. I am now thinking of places to pin all my 99 badges… want one?

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